Stages of Life

Friday, March 25, 2011

So today I was watching my five year old writing his name and it made me think back to when he was just an infant and so helpless. It wasn't so long ago. And so far I've watched three very different people grow and reach milestones each day.

My oldest is in Kindergarden and is writing his name, and counting to 20.

My middle child is potty training and learning social skills (and going through the terrible three's seems to me that the terrible twos are just gonna carry on with him lol)

My youngest, and only girl is learning to walk and climb. She is also learning how to interact with her world.

I watched her take her first step yesterday and nearly cried......feeling somehow like this was the end to the unending dependancy on me....

She is my last child, and to watch her go through the same things her brothers did, makes me a little weepy. I do mental snap shots of them, and try to remember all the wonderfully insightful, imaginative, considerate things they say everyday. So this site is going to be more for me than anything else. These blogger posts are snapshots of my children as they grow up and will be there (hopefully) even when they grow old and move onto other things in their life.

Caroline age 13 months wearing a purple cardigan I crocheted for her.

On Computer Viruses and lost teeth

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello there,
Well the last couple of days have been hectic. We've been dealing with a pretty bad virus on our laptop. I had no way of knowing how to fix it, and no antivirus or malware remover would work. So needless to say it was a headache. So I ended up doing a reinstall, luckily I had the chance to save the pictures of the kiddies at neckpoint park and englishman river falls.

And I suppose your wondering what the lost teeth part is all about right? My oldest son had a wiggly tooth, from chewing on a plastic ball. (Long story) so anyway. I told him to leave it alone, and we would let it come out on its own.

He wiggled it with his tongue for a couple of days and then his daddy gave him an apple and out it came. My son came screaming into the room "Mommy mommy it came out!" so we wrapped it in some tissue paper and put it under his pillow. Half way through the day he lost it because he was playing with it. Anyway we found it before bedtime and then he went to sleep. And well the toothfairy came and was quite generous.

He woke up in the morning crying out the toothfariy came and he left me money!!!! So we told him he could save up more money for a video game....and his response was "When will my next toof get loof?" LOL

For the Love of Fairies....tooth fairies to be exact

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Welll yesterday my five year old came to me tearfully saying his tooth was loose. I asked him what happened he claimed that he was chewing on a ball and it began to wiggle....I was doubtful at first. But decided its wiggly so there is nothing we can do but wait.

I told him about the tooth fairy...and he said

Charlie: But mommy thats why I have to write a note, but I don\t know the letters.
Me: What do you mean?
Charlie: I wanted to keep my tooth. I'll brush it and take care of it. I never want to lose it!
Me: You don't want the tooth fairy to take your tooth?
Charlie: No, but I want her to leave a prize.
Me: Well we'll see what happens.

Ok so I was trying so hard not to giggle. He is so sweet sometimes what he says surprises even me. But yesterday took the cake. But on the upside it gave him renewed interest in taking care of his teeth. Which is always a good thing!

The Hunt for Woody

Friday, March 11, 2011

So today my oldest son just noticed that he had misplaced his Woody The Cowboy action figure. He said loud and clear "Mommy I lost my Woody!" I stiffled a giggle and said "Well where was the last place you saw him" "Oh I don't remember, maybe he's hiding from me"

So that is how the hunt started. We searched the toyroom (and cleaned it in the process). We searched the spare room, and then the boys room. We searched high and low, under beds, in closets, and shoe closets. I thought maybe he had lost him outside somewhere, but didn't want to go out into that rain..

After dinner Charlie said he was gonna look in the boxes in the closet of the spare room...and there he was, smiling at Charlie, obviously winning hide and seek.

After finding him and scolding him for hiding from him Charlie started to do a short skit with his Woody and his brothers Buzz Lightyear. He was instructing his brother on how to do a story and said "1 2 3 action! Oh wait we have to plause it for a minute" lmao I had the hardest time not laughing at their antics.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I don't have cable, who needs it having such funny children.

Calling all GLEEKS

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I heard this song for the first time done by Glee and I cried. I was quite emotional yesterday since oh I don't know. I think that this is my newest favorite song. It was Dog Days are Over a week ago. I was listening to 80's rock lastnight and have such varied tastes in music that I find I listen to a different genre every day. My husband is amazed that I listen to it all.

Music to me is like ice cream. You can't be satisfied with just vanilla, or chocolate for the rest of your life. Nothing is better than experiementing with all the different types of music.....hope you enjoy this song like I did!


Stuck in the 80's

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am an eighties child through and through. I rocked out listening to Cinderella, Nelson Twins, Skid Row, Warrent, Poision. Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick, GnR....and so many others

I am writing tonight because I'm having a walk down memory lane tonight on you tube. I remember those warm summers listening to these songs as we (my husband and I) were so in love and so young and beautiful.

His long hair blowing in the wind as we held hands and walked the stroll and danced under the stars.

I am truly blessed though. I met my husband when I was 16 and have been with him since. We grew up together. Its been nearly 18 years and still to this day he has not stopped loving me. He says "I still can't keep my hands off of you"

People ask how we do it, since our relationship has outlasted many marriages, and with the divorce rate so high. I guess we are of one mind. We both make a concious decision each day to be loyal to each other. We choose to be with each other. I don't feel like "I have" to be with him. I want to be with him still.

I think thats the difference. Relationships are concious decisions to be with each other day after day.

I want to be that old married couple in their eighties that cannot live without one another literally.

Hello I love you

Ok so let me tell you a little about us. We are a normal family living in Nanaimo BC. I'm a SAHM of the three kids. Charlie is just starting kindergarden, so yes a whole new adventure for us there. We clown around and play alot. We love to learn new things. We love to cook and bake (there will be alot of pictures of these things here). I love to crochet and am teaching myself how to knit.

So today was a normal one. I brought Charlie to school like I always do. His new panda hat the only thing I saw as I looked down at him...he laughed and talked the whole way to school, until he saw his secret not so secret crush Madisyn. This little girl gives Charlie just enough attention to garner his undying devotion. I must give her props lol. He talks about her constantly and calls her his girlfriend Madisyn, even going as far as creating a Wii Mii of her.

Now I was a little concerned about this devotion until my mother told me stories of when I was little. Apparently I was quite the little flirt too. My mom said a boy asked me to marry him in kindergarden. So with that my concerns eased. Now I chuckle about it.

Charlie has always been a flirty type (which concerns me...he is far too charming for his age) when he was 2 he ran up to a little blonde girl and gave her a hug and didn't want to let her go. We appologized to the girls parents and the dad turned to us and laughed and said "Atleast you know he's a little player" lol.

Another day after picking him up at Daycare this little blonde girl walked passed and he stopped doing everything to watch her walk past us. He then turned to his uncle and said "She's gonna be my wife"

Ok back to the story at hand. So after school I went to pick him up and he walked away with me like usual. until I heard this little voice hollaring "Bye Charlie!!!!" which my little guy ignored...I then heard a louder "Byyeeeeee Charlie!!!" which he ignored too. I glanced back to see a very impatient Madisyn hands on hip hollaring yet again "Byeeeeeee Charlie" to which he finally turned around and gave a quick wave before walking up the trail to the street. Now I thought he is playing hard to get...

We left the school and walked home. About half way there he saw the bus and waved. The bus driver waved back so this fueled him further. He waved and yelled hello to every passing vehicle. I smiled and then chuckled as to my surprise some people actually waved back!

I was in awe, since people in this city are nothing but a little stuck up I find, having just moved here. But thats the type of infectious personality Charlie has. When he was smaller he used to say hi to people until they would say hi back. I used to tell my husband that he would "force" us to talk to people....

So thats how the days been this far....

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