Stages of Life

Friday, March 25, 2011

So today I was watching my five year old writing his name and it made me think back to when he was just an infant and so helpless. It wasn't so long ago. And so far I've watched three very different people grow and reach milestones each day.

My oldest is in Kindergarden and is writing his name, and counting to 20.

My middle child is potty training and learning social skills (and going through the terrible three's seems to me that the terrible twos are just gonna carry on with him lol)

My youngest, and only girl is learning to walk and climb. She is also learning how to interact with her world.

I watched her take her first step yesterday and nearly cried......feeling somehow like this was the end to the unending dependancy on me....

She is my last child, and to watch her go through the same things her brothers did, makes me a little weepy. I do mental snap shots of them, and try to remember all the wonderfully insightful, imaginative, considerate things they say everyday. So this site is going to be more for me than anything else. These blogger posts are snapshots of my children as they grow up and will be there (hopefully) even when they grow old and move onto other things in their life.

Caroline age 13 months wearing a purple cardigan I crocheted for her.


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