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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ok so let me tell you a little about us. We are a normal family living in Nanaimo BC. I'm a SAHM of the three kids. Charlie is just starting kindergarden, so yes a whole new adventure for us there. We clown around and play alot. We love to learn new things. We love to cook and bake (there will be alot of pictures of these things here). I love to crochet and am teaching myself how to knit.

So today was a normal one. I brought Charlie to school like I always do. His new panda hat the only thing I saw as I looked down at him...he laughed and talked the whole way to school, until he saw his secret not so secret crush Madisyn. This little girl gives Charlie just enough attention to garner his undying devotion. I must give her props lol. He talks about her constantly and calls her his girlfriend Madisyn, even going as far as creating a Wii Mii of her.

Now I was a little concerned about this devotion until my mother told me stories of when I was little. Apparently I was quite the little flirt too. My mom said a boy asked me to marry him in kindergarden. So with that my concerns eased. Now I chuckle about it.

Charlie has always been a flirty type (which concerns me...he is far too charming for his age) when he was 2 he ran up to a little blonde girl and gave her a hug and didn't want to let her go. We appologized to the girls parents and the dad turned to us and laughed and said "Atleast you know he's a little player" lol.

Another day after picking him up at Daycare this little blonde girl walked passed and he stopped doing everything to watch her walk past us. He then turned to his uncle and said "She's gonna be my wife"

Ok back to the story at hand. So after school I went to pick him up and he walked away with me like usual. until I heard this little voice hollaring "Bye Charlie!!!!" which my little guy ignored...I then heard a louder "Byyeeeeee Charlie!!!" which he ignored too. I glanced back to see a very impatient Madisyn hands on hip hollaring yet again "Byeeeeeee Charlie" to which he finally turned around and gave a quick wave before walking up the trail to the street. Now I thought he is playing hard to get...

We left the school and walked home. About half way there he saw the bus and waved. The bus driver waved back so this fueled him further. He waved and yelled hello to every passing vehicle. I smiled and then chuckled as to my surprise some people actually waved back!

I was in awe, since people in this city are nothing but a little stuck up I find, having just moved here. But thats the type of infectious personality Charlie has. When he was smaller he used to say hi to people until they would say hi back. I used to tell my husband that he would "force" us to talk to people....

So thats how the days been this far....


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