On Computer Viruses and lost teeth

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello there,
Well the last couple of days have been hectic. We've been dealing with a pretty bad virus on our laptop. I had no way of knowing how to fix it, and no antivirus or malware remover would work. So needless to say it was a headache. So I ended up doing a reinstall, luckily I had the chance to save the pictures of the kiddies at neckpoint park and englishman river falls.

And I suppose your wondering what the lost teeth part is all about right? My oldest son had a wiggly tooth, from chewing on a plastic ball. (Long story) so anyway. I told him to leave it alone, and we would let it come out on its own.

He wiggled it with his tongue for a couple of days and then his daddy gave him an apple and out it came. My son came screaming into the room "Mommy mommy it came out!" so we wrapped it in some tissue paper and put it under his pillow. Half way through the day he lost it because he was playing with it. Anyway we found it before bedtime and then he went to sleep. And well the toothfairy came and was quite generous.

He woke up in the morning crying out the toothfariy came and he left me money!!!! So we told him he could save up more money for a video game....and his response was "When will my next toof get loof?" LOL


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